Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Yonex Z-Force II LCW Limited Edition

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So I sold most of my rackets, determined not to get any more.. until this one came along. Look at this guy and tell me it's not one heck of a good color combination!

I've been reeling about the  Z-Force II in 4U and how it's the best racket you can get your hands on. So much more can the 3U offer (or discount)?

I got myself one to find out.

Right off the bat, the heaviness of the 3U racket came through. I remembered when I had the 3U Z-Force and this is the same kind of feeling - how can a racket be so heavy and so stiff at the same time?

With this guy on 27lbs, I began my schooling by the Yonex Z-Force II LCW. Clears were not as far, blocks were a little short, tight net shots went a little higher than I wanted them to. This guy needs some time to be tamed, and for now he's got me playing catch-up.

The saving grace came when I got to put in a jump smash. Man, the power that comes from this racket is amazing. Definitely a few times more than what I could get from the 4U version.

Also, my beloved backhand shots were all unsatisfactory... the amount of punishment you get when you're not in position to take any shot is staggering.

Give me more time with this. I  know I've got a good thing going with this one.

Till soon!

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