Monday, November 24, 2014

Product Launch: Keystone Key Organiser

Hey guys, just started using this new product start by a pal of mine, and thought to introduce this to you.

As we all know, badminton guys are gear people - we love new stuff that we use and feel good about. Some gear stick because they do what they're supposed to do, and look good in the process. Some get changed because they don't look as cool.

Now we all love swiss army knives. And we all hate how our keys dangle and make all sorts of noises while they're in our bags or pangs.

Well, I've found the Keystone to be a viable solution. And yes, I think it looks cool enough to keep.

Seriously, the Keystone looks good.

I've had the privilege of a preview use of the Keystone for about a month or so, and I must say that I personally love it. Now I only have the four keys, so it's not impressive as the one picture above (thanks to creator Abel Ang for the use of the awesome photo), but really the Keystone is good for any number of keys.

The experience starts with the assembly. The Keystone can hold up to 20 keys, and comes with enough parts to make it happen.

Pictured, enough parts.

It makes innovative use of washers as placeholders to balance out your keys, so that you're able to get an balanced fit on the main plates. If you're stumped, there's even a handy video to help you out.

But what I feel really sets it apart is the heart put into the project. Creator Abel Ang started with a problem that he (and many others more, as he soon found out) faced, and took to a creative solution to solve it. Sure, there are many other initial key-holder projects out there, but the Keystone takes care of those who really have loads of keys to keep tidy.

And many echo my sentiments, judging from the success of his Kickstarter project. He's actually started to mail out the initial batch, and am looking to produce colored versions for the next batch based on customer feedback.

Those interested in a stylish and practical key organiser can purchase one from his website. Singaporeans get a special price (because We are Singapore!) and can order via the Carousell site, for collection options in Yishun to save on shipping.

I'm posting pictures of my red (that's right fellas, a prototype!) Keystone to show off the smooth edges and excellent finishing out into this lovely piece of accessory.

Seriously, the Keystone is aesthetics and functionality combined. I don't think you'll be disappointed by it.

From one Singaporean to another, here's wishing the Keystone a smashing success!

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