Sunday, January 12, 2014

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Gosen Roots Aermet Zeus

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For starters, this is probably the best-looking Gosen racket I've seen. The use of colors and different textures throughout the racket makes for a very dynamic design.

Would also like to give a shoutout to my bro who gave this to me as a Christmas pressie. Much appreciated, and this is one awesome racket!

First thing that came to my attention was the very soft racket frame that was also apparent with the rest of my Roots rackets. At 25lbs tension, the head of the racket seemed to be a little deformed. It was only with 4-knot stringing that I managed to fix it.

Weight-wise it seemed to be a little heavier than the other Gosen rackets that I have - the Roots Aermet Explosion and the Aermet 9500 Power. Stiffness-wise, it's kind of inbetween the two. The Roots Aermet Zeus comes stiffer than the Explosion but less than the 9500 Explosion.

On the courts, the Zeus performed well in attack, though the defensive shots were a little less-than-exciting. I suppose with a little more practice I could get used to something like the Zeus - heavy, slightly head heavy orientation.

And I think the design and color of the racket alone is enough reason to want to bring it out again.

Till soon.

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