Friday, May 25, 2012

Badminton Racket First Impressions: Bekia Bravesword 10 Replica

I've mentioned Bekia before. They're a Taiwanese racket manufacturer who made pretty decent rackets for a great price. I've written a review on the Twister X8 and it's a favorable one at that.

Along came the last bekia that I will ever buy, the Bravesword 10 replica. I say last because the company has decided to focus their efforts on other ventures (so said my stringer anyway) - chinese fungus.

I've gotten quite a bit of time with the racket, strung with Yonex BG80 strings at 23lbs, and I must say that it's performed very well. The shot placement is superb , the defense is commendable, and the power is worth mention.

This to me is a direct result of the Sword head frame of Victor's Bravesword series of rackets. The design allows the frame to cut through the air. When you give it a good swing, you can seriously hear it whisk through the air.

I've played mostly doubles with the racket, and it's given me the best results of all my rackets so far. The Bekia Bravesword 10 replica offers a very stable performance that keeps my game consistent and enjoyable.

Stay tuned for the more detailed review.


J said...

where can I get bekia racquets? how much is this bekia bravesword 10?

Arthur Wong said...

The company who makes them no longer functions. You might want to try the Victor Bravesword instead, though I've not personally tried it myself.

eckgtr said...

I have tried BS11, very nice. Here is link where I got mine.