Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thorlos Socks: Padding for your feet

So my Li-Ning shoes turned out to be too hard for my toes. On a previous occasion, a tight change in direction resulted in a busted toe. The nail literally got jammed up the cuticle...

And since that day the shoe has been in cold storage, my feet too afraid to get jabbed all over again. It took me almost 3 weeks to recover from the toe, and now 2 months later the toenail has a semblance of normality.

Then I came across Thorlos socks. They're thick and they're touted as the best cushioning for your feet. I thought about the pair of pretty yellow shoes back home and decided to give the $30 socks a try.

Not too shabby! I'm now able to move around the court with ease thanks to the Thorlos socks. They're ultra padded and super comfortable; makes the hard interior of the Li-Ning shoe almost feel like a pillow.

To sum it all up, I'm happy with the socks. For those who are interested, they're available at World of Sports chains around the island (Singapore), and the ones I've got are the tennis mini-crews. 

Just a word of caution, the socks are kinda thick. I would estimate a half size increase in the foot with socks on. Made my feet feel a little cramped initially, but it got better with a few washes. 


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